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From that one moment which is written down, I start to see what other ideas may be connected with it. Especially, and this is probably the hardest part to explain, ideas that can build towards that moment. This search is a very personal journey, and each person, according to their personality, may find different ideas and connections for any given subject. Nevertheless, it’s important that you can articulate those connections, even if some of them finally end up being more feelings than anything else.

Personally, in order to find these connections, I prefer to make sort of a list with a big theme that connects with the moment that was created, and from that big theme, I start to explore more specifically how that link happens. I can end up with a list of 5 or 6 themes, and for each theme 2 or 3 developed thoughts. Then, I look at them and understand which can only be used as a build-up to the moment, which can only be a follow-up, and which can work both ways.

To address this, although simple in thought, is a time-consuming task. I take each one of the developed ideas and see if I can bridge it into the idea that belongs to our main metaphor. If so, then it can be used as a build-up. If not, it can only be a follow-up. Then, from the ones that qualify as build-ups, I try the reverse procedure: I start with the idea/metaphor and then try to bridge into the proposed new idea. The ones for which that is possible are marked as both build-up and follow-up.

Simultaneously, and depending on how organic that connection between the ideas is, I also rate them on a scale from 1 to 3 stars. This allows me to understand immediately which ideas make more sense and the ones that would need a small extra step or explanation. The final selection does not depend solely on this, but it will be a factor to consider later. Doing this now saves some time, although this list can be reviewed and improved later. 

Now that there is a list with other ideas and thoughts that relate to the main idea and that can be used as build-ups, I can take each one of them and start working on how each one of those can be explored through magic and how to translate those ideas into compositions. The question is how magic can bring more value to those ideas. What are the specifics of magic as a performing art that I can link with the idea and how can that be done? There are no rules. But, through exploration, you can find some ideas that serve as a basis to work with.

Helder Guimaraes