Private MasterClass

Photo by Ger Ger

Photo by Ger Ger

I have recently received some inquiries from some people that wanted me to help them with their acts or routines. I have always preferred to do live classes or workshops / seminars because I truly believe the only way magic can be fully experienced is live. There is no other way of having the same feeling or creating the same connection. But with the evolution of technology and the way it connects people today, not embracing these new tools would also be denying the age we live in today. So, I devised a simple plan to help me connect with people that believe I can help them with their pursuits in the art of magic.

First, the classes will be individual. The reason is that I really want to spend a full hour or two focusing on what you want. I want to know you and understand not only what your goals are but how to help you achieve them in the best possible way. In your booking request, you will be asked a few questions prior to our online meeting so that I know where to drive the session in order for you to take full advantage of our time together. Prior to the session, write all the questions you’d like to ask me during the session so that we maximize our time.

This MasterClass is about magic, not about business. I frequently receive requests about how people can turn professional and how they can make a living from magic. My approach is to be the best you can be and expose your work to the circle you want to perform in. If there is quality in your work, believe me: you will be compensated. So, in a certain indirect way, I can contradict myself and say that this is actually a MasterClass about business too if you believe quality is the main driver to having the work you dream of.

Another key element is that, following the session, I will devise a list of references that is catered for you and your needs. It can range from books, videos, movies, articles, etc. This is completely personalized and will be given to you after the session so that you can know how to keep pursuing your goals. The time we spend together can help place you on the right path for your goals, but it’s the work you put in after it that will dictate this accomplishment or not. This personalized list is fundamental for all serious students because it can solve many of their own problems in progressing.

This can be useful for anyone, from the beginner that feels lost to some more advanced students that want to up their game. I will just do these sessions for four days: two Fridays and two Saturdays to make sure you can find an available time. If you believe this is for you, visit the link at the bottom of this page that says Secret Area and use the password “MasterClass” to gain access to the booking page. Follow the instructions and make your appointment for the MasterClass.

Helder Guimaraes