There is a George Bernard Shaw quote that says we use mirrors to see our faces but works of art to see our souls. For me, these sources of inspiration come from art, science, philosophy. I am driven and fascinated by stories and narratives, and how they enlighten new and unknown territory. Using an analogy, ideas and knowledge have become the mirrors I seek instead of a reflection that is presented to myself. Inspiring me, my work and my pursuit in every project I am involved in, they also end up being a common theme in many conversations I have in circles of friends and co-workers. And the more I talk about them, the more people seem to be interested in knowing more about those mirrors that exist in the shadows. This space was created for sharing those, to bridge together the process and the result of my work without revealing any secrets of the trade. In essence, a reflective room with an open door for anyone wanting to visit it. Welcome to Done by Mirrors.

Helder Guimaraes