Over the last 15 years, Helder Guimarães has received many international accolades. He received top honors from both the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, as well as being proclaimed World Champion of Magic by FISM, the International Federation of Magic Societies. The New York Times called him "a master of illusions," TED Talks says he "slips and slides cards on a table, wowing you with invisible technique, unorthodox psychology and fresh humor," and Magic Magazine named him “one of the brightest thinkers and performers of his generation.” But his favorite commendations may be from the Los Angeles Times review of Borrowed Time, saying "he seems remarkably sincere and trustworthy for a man committed to deception," and from the New York Times review of Verso, where the reviewer acknowledges his reputation for exquisite technique: "his hands have such a liquid grace that they appear to contain no bones."